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Initial Audio Analog Pro v1.0.0-發布磁帶和黑膠模擬器插件
Analog Pro破解版是一款功能強大的模擬處理器,Analog Pro通過模擬磁帶機,閥門和乙烯基轉盤等模擬硬件預熱和飽和音頻的方式,為您的數字音頻帶來生機。 我們通過Wow和Flutter控件重新創建了從磁帶或轉盤播放音頻的不完美之處。 Analog Pro具有多種用戶可調節控制,包括噪音水平,噪音類型,脈衝類型,脈衝混合,強調,立體聲,低切,高音,哇音,顫音和音量,為用戶提供足夠的空間來根據自己的喜好調節聲音。Analog Pro在鋼琴和黃銅等真實樂器上聽起來很棒,可以讓你的樂器在你的混音中脫穎而出,聽起來像是從磁帶或轉盤播放。Analog Pro具有易於使用且可調整大小的界面,使用Amount旋鈕控制Analog Pro對信號的影響程度。

Analog Pro brings to life your digital audio by simulating the way Analog hardware such as tape machines, valves and vinyl turntables warm up and saturate your audio. We recreated the imperfections of playing back audio from a Tape or a turntable via the Wow and Flutter controls.

Analog Pro has a variety of user adjustable controls including Noise Level, Noise Type, Impulse Type, Impulse Mix, Emphasis, Stereo, Lowcut, Highcut, Wow, Flutter and Amount, giving plenty of scope for the user to adjust the sound to their liking.

Analog Pro sounds great on real instruments such as pianos and brass and can really make your instruments stand out in your mix, sounding like they are being played back from a Tape or Turntable.
Analog Pro comes with an easy to use and resizable interface, use the Amount knob to control how much Analog Pro affects the signal.

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