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MathWorks MATLAB R2019a MacOsx + Update 5 (藍光)強大的商業數學軟件
MATLAB R2019a Update 5 MACOSX 版本正式發佈!

MATLAB 是美國MathWorks公司出品的商業數學軟件,用於算法開發、數據可視化、數據分析以及數值計算的高級技術計算語言和交互式環境,主要包括MATLAB和Simulink兩大部分。

MathWorks MATLAB R2019a Update 5 MacOsx | 
The MathWorks team is pleased to announce the availability of MATLAB R2019a Update 5 (version This release is primarily a quality improvement release, but there are some changes in functionality.

R2019a Update 5 - August 16, 2019

- On Linux and Mac platforms, MATLAB classifies class definition files as script files when accessed by soft link
- MATLAB does not start properly on some Mac systems
- MATLAB might crash when copying figures with complicated content
- makima' interpolation produces incorrect results with permuted grid coordinates and values.
- svd might fail to converge when operating on complex-valued matrices
- Dependency reports take a long time to complete
- Installer fails when using Add-On Explorer to install products if you set proxies in MATLAB
- svd can return invalid NaN values in the singular vectors of some rare matrices.
- Current object is an empty array after right-clicking on data tips
- Toolbox project files sometimes fail to open
- Axes toolbar is slow to appear or does not appear on direct hover
Update 5 also:
- Fully supports using Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 as a compiler.
- Better handles automatic mapping of ArTypedPerInstanceMemory and StaticMemory in the AUTOSAR Blockset function autosar.api.syncModel. 
- Suggests corrective action when AUTOSAR Blockset signal source ports areoptimized away.
- Includes analysis stability improvements for instances of rational approximation for Simulink Design Verifier.
- Includesper formance and stability improvements for Simulink, MATLAB Coder, and Simulink Requirements.

Note: Each R2019a Update contains bug fixes to R2019a, including all the fixes from previous updates.

Product: MathWorks MATLAB
Version: R2019a Update 5 (build
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page :
Language: english
System Requirements: MacOsx *
Supported Operating Systems: *
Size: 22.1 Gb