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IMSI AnimationLab 5 Plug-In to TurboCAD 1.0-為TurboCAD設計添加動畫效果插件
AnimationLab 5是一款功能強大的TurboCAD Windows插件,包括TurboCAD Deluxe,Pro和Pro Platinum。可從TurboCAD設計創建具有專業外觀的動畫。它為您提供了很好的工具,通過動畫2D和3D建築,機械,人體和動物模型或任何渲染來增強您的工作和演示。AnimationLab提供管理和設置繪圖的功能。文件指示器提供節省時間的功能,例如批量操作,而無縫的TurboCAD集成允許您最大限度地利用TurboCAD軟件。您可以使用VBScript語言編寫自己的命令。如果您希望創建模型的演示文稿並製作具有專業外觀的動畫,則此插件幫助您快速有效地完成工作!它也是創建具有複雜渲染和3D建模的現代外觀網頁的理想選擇。

AnimationLab Plug-in for TurboCAD is easy-to-use software for creating professional-looking animations from your TurboCAD designs. Use single click animation features to quickly enhance your work or access high-end animation features for professional presentations.

AnimationLab 5 is an intuitive and easy-to-use plug-in for TurboCAD Windows, including TurboCAD Deluxe, Pro, and Pro Platinum. It provides you with great tools to enhance your work and presentations by animating 2D and 3D architectural, mechanical, human and animal models and or any rendering
If you are looking to create a presentation of your models and make professional-looking animation, this plug-in helps you get the job done quickly and efficiently! It’s also the ideal choice for creating modern-looking Web pages, which require sophisticated rendering and 3D modeling.

Drawing Management
AnimationLab provides capabilities for managing and setting up your drawing. The file palatte offer time saving features such as batch operations while the seamless TurboCAD integration allows you to take maximum advantage of your TurboCAD software.

Single Click Animation
A number of preset scenarios allow you to create an animation movie of your drawing with a single mouse click. For added flexibility, the library of preset animations is expandable, and can be used in conjunction with batch operations.

Graphical Key Frames Editor
AnimationLab allows you to automatically create scenarios using the Key Frames Editor. It calculates the commands for intermediate frames according to the defined key frames. This powerful editor even takes into account Constraint Manager Variables set in TurboCAD, as well as the TurboCAD Part Tree.

Mix with Sound
You can assign a soundtrack for each actor. AnimationLab will calculate the sound scene, taking into account the distance to the actors, speed of their movement, and environment. Both mono- and stereo soundtracks can be calculated.

Montage Center
Use this standalone AVI, and now MOV, processing utility to refine your AnimationLab creations. Splice animations together, compressed movies with defined quality and image size, preview movies and much more.

AnimationLab supports variable command parameters. Define and control your object’s parameters through scenario commands in accordance with a mathematical rule, or data from a file.

VBScript Support Enhancement
You can write your own commands using VBScript language (Microsoft Scripting Technologies) and save them in a drawing. nguage (Microsoft Scripting Technologies) and save them in a drawing.

System Requirements:
TurboCAD ProProPlatinum, Expert and Deluxe.
Animation Lab v5 is compatible with TurboCAD ProProPlatinum, Expert and Deluxe versions 2015 – 2018

Whats New:
Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version.