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ITASCA Flac3D 6.00.69-三維地質力學與岩土連續體數值模擬軟件


FLAC3D中使用的顯式拉格朗日計算方案和混合離散化分區技術可確保塑料坍塌和流動非常精確地建模。因為沒有形成矩陣,所以可以在沒有過多存儲器要求的情況下進行大的三維計算。通過自動慣性縮放和自動阻尼來克服顯式公式的缺點(即,小時間步長限制和所需阻尼的問題),其最小化對故障路徑的影響。 FLAC3D為解決岩土工程中的三維問題提供了理想的分析工具。

FLAC3D專門設計用於在Microsoft Windows系統上運行,目前在Windows 7,Windows 8和Windows 10上受支持。地理工程中實際大小的三維模型的計算可以在合理的時間段內進行。例如,可以在600 MB RAM內生成包含125,000個Mohr-Coulomb材料區域的模型。對於10,000區域模型的Mohr-Coulomb材料執行5000計算步驟的運行時間在3.2 GHz Intel 6-Core i7 CPU上大約為30秒。達到解決方案狀態所需的計算步驟數顯式計算方案可以變化,但對於包含多達10,000個元素的模型,無論材料類型如何,通常都可以在3000到5000步之內達到解決方案。 

FLAC3D是一個命令驅動的程序,它添加了腳本語言FISH的靈活性。 訪問程序的命令結構以及使用FISH操縱它的能力是FLAC3D建模能力的核心。

FLAC3D offers a fully integrated numerical modeling environment that includes model project management capabilities, interactive mesh building and model construction, run-time monitoring of results (including FISH scripting variables and function states), extensive plotting options, and easy, automatic movie pre-processing tools.

While FLAC3D has been developed to be general in nature, it has been designed, in collaboration with our own consultants, with geotechnical and geomechanical applications in mind for civil (tunnels, rail embankments, wharfs, soil enhancement, retaining walls, piles, foundations), mining (ramps and drifts, stopes, blasting, subsidence, caving, sills, pillars, tailings dams), oil & gas (salt caverns, wellbore optimization, borehole breakouts, compaction/subsidence, cap rock integrity), and power generation (dams, power house caverns, wind turbine foundations). FLAC3D can be extended with options that are offered separately from the base program.

System Requirements:
Operating System: Windows 7 or later (with the latest service packs installed)*
Hard Disk: 500 MB
Processor: Dual core CPU (2 GHz)
Memory (RAM): 1 Gbyte
Video Card: HD graphics card, 800 x 600 pixels, 32-bit color palette, OpenGL 3.1 or higher
Ports: 1 USB port is required for the security key

Whats New:
New features and improvements:
Bug Fixes:
Embedded liner element coupling spring properties in side 2 were not being initialized properly. If not specified they could have random values.
But fix to scale attribute command processing for plot items, the automatic state was being removed.
Fixed results file import/export of zone constitutive model information - including properties and state.