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Hexagon PPM CAESAR II 2019 v11.00.00.4800 管道應力分析軟件

Hexagon PPM CAESAR II 2019 version | 
CADWorx & Analysis Solutions announces the release of CAESAR II 2019 (V 11.0), the newest version of Hexagon PPM’s industry-acclaimed solution for pipe stress analysis for evaluating the structural responses and stresses of piping systems according to international codes and standards.

The new version promises optimal performance and better usability for your piping analysis jobs.

Experience a newly-improved graphics response. Work faster with updated internal tools and expanded functionality, including focused improvements to common user workflows.

CAESAR II 2019 (v 11.0) cuts out work delays and makes your job easier. Features include:

- Offshore Piping Done Right
- Optimize Flange and Flange Assemblies
- Equipment Analysis, Streamlined
- Simplify the CAD-to-Analysis Workflow
- Easier Load Case Management
- Limitless Analysis

About Hexagon PPM CAESAR II. CAESAR II is the Pipe Stress Analysis standard against which all others are measured and compared. The CAESAR II spreadsheet input technique revolutionized the way piping models are built, modified, and verified. CAESAR II was the first pipe stress program specifically designed for the PC environment. The interactive capabilities permit rapid evaluation of both input and output, thereby melding seamlessly into the "design - analyze" iteration cycle.

CAESAR II incorporates a wide range of capabilities, from numerous piping codes, to expansion joint, valve & flange, and structural databases, to structural and buried pipe modeling, to equipment and vessel nozzle evaluation, to spectrum and time history analysis. Most of the features of CAESAR II are available at a keystroke, but at the same time are not imposed upon the analyst.

A menu-driven scroll and select interface provides logical options when and where expected. Context-sensitive help provides instant technical assistance for each data field, with expected units. Data values presented in the help screens are automatically presented in the current set of units to aid input.

The customization options of CAESAR II have been driven by user requests, code changes, and the need to benchmark older, existing systems and their initial design. Many of these customization options enable newer analysis techniques appearing in current literature.

As with all Hexagon PPM products, CAESAR II is continuously maintained and improved by the engineering staff. The engineering staff of Hexagon PPM have worked in industry, for engineering and consulting firms. This experience not only guides program development, but provides users with knowledgeable support. This allows CAESAR II to work the way a typical engineer thinks and solves a problem. This also means that the technical support provided to users by the engineering staff is almost instantaneous. Users talk straight to the developers, ensuring an accurate and timely answer.

About CADWorx & Analysis Solutions. For more than 25 years, CADWorx & Analysis Solutions has provided software for multiple plant design and engineering disciplines. Our aim is that design and engineering should share relevant information seamlessly, thereby maintaining accuracy and improving efficiency.

Our offerings conform to that goal and include: CADWorx Plant Design Suite for intelligent plant design modeling, process schematics and automatic production of plant design deliverables; CAESAR II, the world's most widely used pipe stress analysis software; PV Elite for pressure vessel and heat exchanger design and analysis; TANK for the design and analysis of oil storage tanks, and GT STRUDL for structural analysis and design modeling.

Product: Hexagon PPM CAESAR II
Version: 2019 version
Supported Architectures: 32bit / 64bit
Website Home Page :
Language: english
System Requirements: PC *
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7even or 10

* Recommended System Requirements for CAESAR II:
- Processor: 3.0 GHz Intel Pentium IV or higher AMD Athlon dual-core processor or higher
- Memory: 4 GB RAM or higher (Windows 7)
- Display: 1280x1024 or higher, with True Color
- Video Card: 512 MB or greater video RAM, OpenGL 1.1 or later, DirectX 9.0 or later, drivers updated with the latest manufacturer's drivers (Motherboard-integrated video cards not recommended for desktop systems.)
- Remote Technologies: Citrix XenApp 7.22 required on Windows Server 2016 Enterprise
- Software: Adobe Reader 8.0 or later.