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FinalBuilder Professional Edition 自動化創建和發佈管理工具
FinalBuilder 使用這款自動化創建和發佈管理工具,軟件開發者可以定義和維護一個可靠的以及可重複創建的程序。FinalBuilder包括集成的帶有版本的控制系統,文件和目錄選項,重複器,源代碼編譯,測試工具,數據庫系統,安裝工具,以及用於在因特網上進行配置的行為和CD或者DVD刻錄功能。該軟件擁有280個內置的行為,允許你從源代碼編譯應用軟件,編譯設置和安裝程序,作用於版本控制系統,編譯幫助文件,創建和編輯INI文件以及Windows操作系統註冊表鍵,刻錄CD和DVD或者創建ISO映像,壓縮和未壓縮文件,允許自動測試,從或者向服務器移動FTP文件,發送電子郵件信息和在新聞服務器上郵遞,以及創建計畫進度表。

FinalBuilder 8.x Professional Edition | 
Automating your Build process is simple with FinalBuilder. With FinalBuilder you don't need to edit xml, or write scripts. Visually define and debug your build scripts, then schedule them with windows scheduler, or integrate them with Continua CI, Jenkins or any other CI Server. Thousands of Software Developers rely on FinalBuilder to automate the build, test and release process. If you are not using FinalBuilder to automate your builds, you are missing out. Download a fully functional 30 day eval today!


Graphical Interface
FinalBuilder presents your build process in a logically structured, graphical interface. Any software developer can define and maintain their build with FinalBuilder, without needing to learn a new XML schema or language.

600+ Actions
With its extensive library of pre-written actions, FinalBuilder has an action to automate every common task in your build process. It also integrates with your existing compilers, version control systems and testing tools.

Flow Control
FinalBuilder includes Try and Catch actions for localised error handling as well as all the loops and conditional statements you get in a full programming language.

Scheduled Builds
FinalBuilder provides tight integration with the windows scheduling service, which allows builds to be scheduled to run daily, weekly or whenever you wish.

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