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ByteScout BarCode Reader Business + Portable 條形碼掃描
ByteScout BarCode Reader是壹款可靠的應用程序,可為您提供快速掃描計算機條形碼的快捷方式。它可以檢查JPG,GIF,TIFF和PNG圖像是否有任何可能的條形碼。此外,您還可以使用網絡攝像頭檢查產品的條形碼。搜索產品時,能夠掃描其條形碼以驗證其真實性非常重要。不幸的是,並非所有人都可以使用這項技術,因為只有大公司才使用條形碼閱

功能強大的條形碼解碼器應用程序掃描計算機上的圖像以查找條形碼,如果找到任何條形碼,它會將它們檢入各種數據庫並顯示搜索結果。該程序使用各種1D和2D符號來檢查圖像中的現有條形碼。應用程序可以坐下來搜索條形碼,無論它們的位置或旋轉角度如何。此外,您甚至可以掃描翻蓋或鏡像條形碼,因為應用程序將應用必要的更正來提供相關結果。直觀的網絡攝像頭掃描儀BarCode Reader可以使用網絡攝像頭掃描條形碼。您只需將網絡攝像頭連接到計算機並將其指向要掃描的條形碼即可。應用程序將嘗試檢測任何條形碼,然後嘗試在數據庫中掃描它,以便為您找到任何結果。可靠的條形碼閱讀器該程序可用於掃描圖像和檢測產品條形碼,然後檢查其描述和可用性。此外,您可以使用網絡攝像頭輕松掃描條形碼,這使得軟件非常靈活和高效。

BarCode Reader is a reliable application that provides you with a fast way to scan for barcodes on your computer. It is able to check JPG, GIF, TIFF and PNG images for any possible barcode. Furthermore, you can use your webcam to check the barcode of a product. When searching for a product, it is important to be able to scan its barcode to verify its authenticity. Unfortunately, not everyone has access to such technology, as only mainly large companies use barcode readers.

Powerful barcode decoder

The application scans the images from your computer for barcodes, and if it finds any, it checks them into various databases, after which the search result is displayed.
The program uses various 1D and 2D symbologies to check for existing barcodes within images. The application can be seat to search for barcodes regardless of their position or angle of rotation. Additionally, you can even scan flipped or mirrored barcodes, as the application will apply the necessary corrections in order to provide relevant results.

Intuitive webcam scanner

BarCode Reader can use a webcam to scan for barcodes. All you need to do is connect a webcam to your computer, them point it to the barcode you need to scan. The application will try to detect any barcode, then attempt to scan it within a database, providing you with any results found.

A dependable barcode reader

The program can be used to scan images and detect the barcode of a product, then check its description and availability. Besides, you can easily use your webcam to to scan barcodes, which makes this software highly flexible and efficient.
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