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FARO Technologies SCENE 2018.0.0.648 三維點雲軟件
FARO SCENE 軟件是一種適用於專業用戶的全面三維點雲處理和管理軟件工具。它專門用於查看 、管理和使用從高分辨率三維激光掃瞄儀獲得的另外,利用 FARO 新推出的 WebShare 服務,用戶可以將三維文件化數據保存在雲端並與全球的項目夥伴共享掃瞄項目,無需考慮專用的服務器、有限的數據存儲或授權用戶的數量。除了具有最高的安全 性外,SCENE WebShare Cloud 還優化了用於移動設備的接口。

FARO Technologies SCENE 2018.0.0.648 | 
FARO, the world's most trusted source for 3D measurement and imaging solutions for construction BIM, announces the release of SCENE 2018, a tightly integrated software platform specifically designed for the FARO Focus Laser Scanner product family. This introduction represents a substantial leap forward for 3D reality data capture and the FARO-driven concept known as Traceable Construction, in which optimizing the entire AEC construction lifecycle is accounted for in the solution's strategy, development and execution.

A New Standard in HDR Photography
The new FARO Laser-HDR (patent pending) feature in SCENE 2018 improves on conventional multi-exposure HDR techniques by intelligently combining a laser scan image and a photograph through a proprietary FARO process. This results in a laser enhanced HDR image in breathtaking color and detail in even the most challenging environments. This advanced feature is fully backwards compatible and thus allows all generations of FARO Focus Laser Scanner products to achieve exceptional HDR results in a considerably shorter amount of time. Finally, even as recording time (5X faster than traditional HDR) and data volume are dramatically reduced (150 MB per scan), all image details are captured in a single shot and the functionality can be used even if the laser scanner does not support HDR by default.

Increased Productivity Through High Detail Scanning
Defined areas, such as registration marks, can now be recaptured in higher resolution at a great distance from the same scanning position. FARO Focus S150 and S350 users now benefit from significant time savings on site, at least 1.5X faster than when it was required to perform high-resolution scans continuously. Furthermore, since the registration workflow is now fully automated (i.e., no manual interaction needed to process high detail scan data on an onsite PC/workstation), in-field and in-office productivity is improved even more substantially.

Efficiency Through Full Color Panoramic Images
SCENE 2018 enables a full camera resolution color image to be exported, independent of scan resolution. In those situations where high resolution color is required but high resolution scan is not, time savings of up to 80% can be realized.

Improved Performance and Stability
Scan quick views now open significantly faster and users can be ready to work with the data in half the time than before. Scan projects can be exported up to 75% faster to be shared more efficiently with project stakeholders via the FARO WebShare Cloud and SCENE 2go platforms.

Enhanced Virtual Reality (VR) Experience
SCENE 2018 builds on the VR base first introduced on SCENE 7.1 in 2017. First, it enables an even more natural, immersive experience with significantly fewer instances of motion sickness based on rigorous user testing. Next, it enables a more cost effective VR use case as it now offers improved compatibility with mid-priced Microsoft Mixed Reality Headsets. Together these improvements are expected to facilitate greater adoption of VR-enabled SCENE as a workflow efficiency tool across the AEC industry.

SCENE software is specifically designed for all Focus and third-party laser scanners. Process and manage scan data efficiently and easily by using real time, on-site registration, automatic object recognition, scan registration, and positioning. Generate high-quality data in full color quickly and conveniently by incorporating images from automated targetless and target-based scan positioning.

SCENE is specifically designed to evolve the 3D reality capture, analysis and documentation experience across the public safety forensics segment for crash, crime, fire and security planning and Traceable Construction for Architecture, Engineering and Construction markets.

Users can begin the evaluation and processing immediately by performing simple measurements, creating stunning 3D visualizations or exporting to various point cloud and CAD formats once SCENE has prepared the scan data. In addition SCENE features an impressive Virtual Reality View, allowing users to experience and evaluate captured data in the VR environment.

FARO Technologies is the world’s most trusted source for 3D measurement, imaging and realization technology. The company develops and manufactures leading edge solutions that enable high-precision 3D capture, measurement and analysis across a variety of industries including manufacturing, construction, engineering and public safety.

Product: FARO Technologies SCENE
Version: 2018.0.0.648
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page :
Language: english
System Requirements: PC *
Supported Operating Systems: *
Size: 1.3 Gb

* System Requirements:
- Processor: 8 physical cores, for example Intel Core i7/Xeon, Quad-core x64
- Graphics Card: Dedicated graphics card, OpenGL 4.1 or higher, at least 4 GB Memory;
- For Stereo Rendering: NVIDIA Quadro;
- For VR Rendering: NVIDIA 1080GTX or similar, Steam VR;
- 3D headset: Oculus Rift or HTC Vive with Touch Controllers
- Main Memory : 64 GB RAM
- Hard Disk Drive: 512 Gb Solid State Drive + Regular HDD
- Operating System: 64-bit Windows 7 or higher
- Screen resolution: 1920×1080Accessories:
- 3D Connexion Space Mouse with latest drivers
- Internet connection for licensing SCENE