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Siemens Simcenter Flotherm XT 2019.1 x64 一種無與倫比的一流熱仿真解決方案
Flotherm XT 是一種無與倫比的一流熱仿真解決方案。它融合了市場領先的 Simcenter Flotherm 熱分析軟件特性以及 Simcenter FloEFD 的並行計算流體動力學 (CFD) 技術。Flotherm XT 可以輕鬆處理大型複雜電子系統;與傳統常規解決方案相比,其處理時間大幅縮短,因而能讓機械工程師和熱分析專家快速打造最佳熱設計。

完整的幾何體和非幾何體智能零件庫可為用戶提供各式各樣最先進的元件,以進行快速準確的模型創建。FloTHERM XT 直接處理本地機械計算機輔助設計 (MCAD) 幾何體,因而支持將任意不規則和曲線幾何體用於非標準形狀參數、新型散熱片設計、斜角印刷電路板、徑流式增壓器等。

FLOEDA Bridge 模塊提供易於使用的直觀 Mentor Xpedition 界面,而 ODB++ 和 IPC2581 格式支持 Cadence、Zuken 和 Altium,因此能夠通過使用現有電子設計自動化 (EDA) 數據節約時間,而無需在意原始設計是如何創建的。

FloTHERM XT is a unique, award-winning thermal simulation solution that can be used during all stages of the electronics design process - from conceptual design to manufacturing - improving product quality, reliability and time-to-market.

Compress the Electronics Thermal Design Process
FloTHERM XT tightly couples the MCAD and EDA design flows and cuts design process times by factor of at least 2 when compared to traditional general-purpose simulation products. This enables designers and thermal specialists to quickly and efficiently arrive at an optimum solution.

New CAD-centric Approach to Thermal Engineering
A CAD-centric user interface, as well as geometry engine for complex and arbitrary shaped geometries, enables users to quickly become productive. FloTHERM XT offers CAD connectivity and advanced CAD modeling capabilities which considerably shorten the learning curve.

Fast, Accurate Model Creation and Simulation
Full geometric and non-geometric SmartParts and library capabilities enable users to access a full set of the most popular components for fast and accurate model creation.

Parametric Studies for Optimized Designs
FloTHERM XT’s fully integrated environment for defining, solving and analyzing results using parametric variations of geometry, attributes (e.g. material, thermal) plus solution parameters significantly enhances the design optimization process. Its “Design of Experiments” scenario table allows users to set up a number of studies to ensure the best coverage of the design field. These scenarios may also be sent to remote machines with more capacity.

Advanced EDA Interfacing
FloTHERM XT’s interoperability with PCB design flows reduces time-consuming data translation and costly errors. It provides an easy and intuitive direct interface to Mentor Xpedition® and its ODB++ interface supports Cadence, Zuken and Altium. Any board and component layout can be imported and easily modified for position, size, orientation, shape and modeling level prior to transfer to FloTHERM XT. And with the addition of thermal territory simulation, FloTHERM XT supports detailed copper “under the component” models which are used to draw heat away from that component, further improving accuracy. That is why FloTHERM XT is the only solution on the market that allows engineers to work effortlessly with geometry created in the MDA or EDA world.

Microsoft Windows 7/8/8.1/10 64-bit

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