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SoftwareNetz Logbook 3.05 Multilingual 幫助用戶輕鬆輸入和管理您的旅行和汽車費用
SoftwareNetz Logbook使用旨在幫助用戶輕鬆輸入和管理您的旅行和汽車費用。該日誌符合稅務機關。 在此模式下,所有更改都將被刪除,並且稅務機關仍可查看。由於用戶友好的佈局,即使不瞭解計算機,您也可以立即開始使用日誌。您可以根據需要管理任意數量的汽車。 對於每輛汽車,將創建一個日誌文件。在使用日誌時,程序會自動“學習”所有目的地和距離,並在您想要進入另一個遊覽時顯示這些已知目的地。 通過雙擊,您可以將這樣一個已知的目的地接管到您的日誌中。在“費用”下,您可以輸入所有汽車費用,如加油,租賃,保險等。日誌提供了幾個分析w.r.t每月汽車費用,每公斤費用和圖形分析。功能非常廣泛。

Many business- and private persons need to keep a logbook for their company or tax authority. With the Softwarenetz Logbook it is easy to register all tours and car expenses.

Standard tours
With this new option you can enter standard tours en use them again and again, which will save you a lot of time. You can always edit, add or delete these standard tours.

Car expenses and consumption
You can not only register your business- and private tours, but also car expenses like refuel, car tax, insurance, etc. This way you can see the car expenses per kilometer with just one click. Also the usage of gasoline per 100 km is calculated automatically.

Many additional functions make it easy to manage the Logbook. In case you enter an event, like a visit to the garage with date and mileage, these events are shown automatically the moment you enter a tour on this certain day.

Normal mode or mode compliant to tax authority
There are two ways to keep the logbook. In the free adjustable modus you can change/edit tours the way you like. In the Modus compliant to tax authority you can only change certain information and all changes will be visible for the tax authority.

Grafical statistics and analysis
Graphical statistics and several analysis will give you information about the monthly expenses and tours..

Manage as many cars as you like
The Softwarenetz Logbook is unlimited. You can use the program for as many cars as you wish.

Whats New:
Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version.