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MSC Apex Iberian Lynx Feature Pack 2 with Documentation 一款屢獲殊榮的計算機輔助工程(CAE)仿真平台
MSC APEX IBERIAN LYNX 2019破解版是一款屢獲殊榮的計算機輔助工程(CAE)仿真平台。最新版本Iberian Lynx通過將MSC Apex的世界級CAE用戶體驗與業界最值得信賴的多學科FEA解決方案MSC Nastran相結合,實現了MSC Apex與MSC Nastran之間的增強互操作性。

通過這個新的工作流程,MSC Apex用戶可以非常快速地導入MSC Nastran模型,編輯/修改網狀拓撲,歸因模型,創建場景並為外部Nastran求解器生成可立即運行的Nastran文件。此外,既然MSC Nastran結果文件可以導入MSC Apex,用戶也可以在MSC Nastran分析完成後在MSC Apex中進行後處理。利用MSC Apex獨特的結果探索功能,FEA工程師可以準確評估模型的響應並大大提高其日常效率。

MSC Software Corporation, a part of Hexagon, announced the latest release of MSC Apex, the company's award-winning Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) simulation platform. The latest release, Iberian Lynx, enables enhanced interoperability between MSC Apex and MSC Nastran, by combining the world-class CAE user experience of MSC Apex with the industry's most trusted multi-disciplinary FEA solver, MSC Nastran.

With this new workflow, MSC Apex users can import MSC Nastran models, edit/modify mesh topology, attribute the model, create scenarios and generate a ready-to-run Nastran file for external Nastran solvers very quickly. Moreover, now that MSC Nastran results file can be imported into MSC Apex, users can also conduct post-processing in MSC Apex after the MSC Nastran analysis is finished. Taking advantage of the unique results exploration capabilities in MSC Apex, FEA engineers can accurately assess the model's response and vastly improve their day-to-day efficiency.

Thanks to the new "Apex-Nastran-Apex" workflow, existing MSC Nastran users can now improve their pre/post processing productivity by up to 10 times. The powerful underlying direct-modeling technology and automation scripting capability that are part of MSC Apex, geometry creation and meshing of a large assembly model can be condensed to up to one-tenth of the original time, enabling engineers to spend more time on design exploration and developing better products for their customers faster.

MSC Apex is the world's first computational parts based CAE system that serves as the platform for a broad range of physics and applications that MSC Software will introduce over time. MSC Apex transforms the way engineers perform simulation by reducing critical CAE modelling and process time from days to hours. The platform delivers innovative technology that enables predictive product development in the earlier stages of design where it is critical in saving time and money.

- Built-from-the-ground up fully integrated and generative simulation environment
With a paradigm shift away from traditional pre-solve-post point solutions, users can leverage the same user experience to carry out end-to-end simulation workflows with full associativity between geometric and analysis data, including fully generative behaviour to ensure that all aspects of the model are consistent and up-to-date following design changes. MSC Apex is powered by a CAE specific direct modelling and meshing engine that accelerates the CAD to Mesh process by a factor of up to 50x. CAD geometry is not suitable for analysis and geometry repair/improve and meshing operations are tedious, error-prone, and take too long. It also features a complete set of direct modelling tools to make geometry clean-up and idealisation steps fast and easy; all providing dramatic productivity improvements for engineers.

MSC Software. is one of the ten original software companies and a global leader in helping product manufacturers to advance their engineering methods with simulation software and services. As a trusted partner, MSC Software helps companies improve quality, save time, and reduce costs associated with design and test of manufactured products. Academic institutions, researchers, and students employ MSC's technology to expand individual knowledge as well as expand the horizon of simulation. MSC Software employs 1,400 professionals in 20 countries.

Product: MSC Apex Iberian Lynx
Version: Feature Pack 2 with Documentation
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page :
Language: english
System Requirements: PC
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7even or newer