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Gräbert ARES Commander 2019.2.1 一款強大的CAD軟件
ARES Commander Editions是一款強大的CAD軟件,能對於日常工作以及複雜的項目進行處理。 利用生產工具和智能功能,為起草和設計,。 創建3d對象使用ACIS® 3D Solid Modeler 與軟件緊密集成。

Graebert GmbH已發佈其旗艦CAD程序的最新版本:ARES Commander2019。這家德國軟件開發人員在CAD行業擁有悠久的歷史,是AutoCAD的第一家德國分銷商。該公司自1983年以來一直在銷售CAD系統。


該公司的技術為DassaultSystèmes的DraftSight提供了動力,並且可以從地理信息系統巨人Esri的軟件中找到。ARES Commander也以CorelCAD的形式出售,而Graebert的CAD技術已嵌入Onshape的雲CAD平台中。ARES Commander被定位為AutoCAD的更經濟的替代品,並使用DWG作為本機文件格式。現在,ARES Commander可以打開以AutoCAD 2018 DWG格式(或任何更早的格式回到R12)保存的工程圖。

ARES Commander將使AutoCAD用戶熟悉。啟動最新版本時,用戶會看到一個幾乎與AutoCAD相同的界面,並在屏幕頂部帶有快速訪問工具欄和功能區。每個打開的圖形都顯示在其自己的窗口中,該窗口由圖形區域頂部的文件選項卡標識。工程圖文件選項卡使用戶可以在工程圖之間切換或開始新工程圖,並可以使用工程圖窗口左下角的選項卡在模型空間和多張圖紙之間進行切換,這等效於AutoCAD中的圖紙空間佈局。

Gräbert ARES Commander 2019.2.1 | 
Gräbert GmbH, a provider of CAD solutions, has released the 2019 SP2.1 version of its DWG-alternative ARES Commander 2D/3D software, is a flexible and powerful CAD application and equipped with a host of tools and features that promote productivity and smart efficiency in the performance of tasks.

Build No. 2019.2.1.3136 (SP2.1) - Release 30/09/2019

Mainly we improved the stability of the Windows version in this Service Pack 2.1.

Graebert GmbH has released the latest version of its flagship CAD program: ARES Commander 2019. The German software developer has a long history in the CAD industry as the first German distributor of AutoCAD. The company has been selling CAD systems since 1983.

In 1994, Graebert developed FelixCAD, which was later rebranded as PowerCAD. In 2005, the company replaced its existing CAD engine with an entirely new kernel and ARES was born. Although Graebert is second only to Autodesk in the number of seats of 2D software in professional use, most of its revenue comes from other vendors.

The company’s technology powers Dassault Systèmes’ DraftSight and is found in software from geographic information system goliath Esri. ARES Commander is also sold as CorelCAD, and Graebert’s CAD technology is embedded in Onshape’s cloud CAD platform. ARES Commander is positioned as a more affordable alternative to AutoCAD and uses DWG as the native file format. ARES Commander can now open drawings saved in AutoCAD’s 2018 DWG format, (or any earlier format back to R12).

ARES Commander will feel familiar to AutoCAD users. When starting the latest version, users see an interface nearly identical to AutoCAD, with a Quick Access Toolbar and ribbons across the top of the screen. Each open drawing appears in its own window, identified by a file tab across the top of the drawing area. The drawing file tabs let users switch between drawings or start a new drawing, and use tabs in the lower-left corner of the drawing window to switch between model space and multiple sheets—equivalent to paper space layouts in AutoCAD.

There is also a command window and status bar across the bottom of the screen and users start commands by typing, just like AutoCAD. Some commands have different names—such as PATTERN instead of ARRAY—but thanks to command shortcuts (like aliases in AutoCAD), it’s possible to type the AutoCAD command to start almost any ARES command. There is even a ribbon tab called XtraTools, which contains commands similar to those found on the AutoCAD Express Tools ribbon.

Gräbert ARES Commander 2019.2.1
Founded in 1977 and headquartered in Berlin (Germany), Gräbert GmbH (aka Graebert) is a family-owned company with activities in over 100 countries. Graebert is a multicultural company has three Research & Development Centers in Germany, Russia and India as well as fully-owned subsidiaries in Japan and India.

Graebert’s innovative approach is to combine CAD solutions for desktop, mobile and cloud into a single and all-inclusive ecosystem and subscription. The ARES “Trinity” of CAD Software for DWG-editing includes ARES Commander for Windows, macOS and Linux computers, ARES Touch for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets and ARES Kudo, a full browser-based solution for DWG-editing in the Cloud.

Product: ARES Commander
Version: 2019.2 (build
Supported Architectures: x64
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Language: english
System Requirements: PC *
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