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Producers Vault Bachata Guitar VSTi 2.0 v1.1 吉他虛擬器插件
Bachata Guitar VSTi是強大的吉他虛擬器插件,Brenes Technologies利用Bachata吉他VSTi將採樣的藝術提升到了一個新的水平,我們投入了大量的時間和精力來模擬最真實的Bachata吉他音色,包括,主音,節奏,和弦,弱音等。Bachata Guitar VSTi的聲音是由羅密歐·桑托斯,羅伊斯親王,Aventura,Monchy y Alexandra,薩爾瓦多·托裡托,胡安·路易斯·瓜拉,安東尼·桑托斯等藝術家的靈感製作和雕刻的。該基於樣本的虛擬樂器包含15種不同類型的電吉他,Yamaha APX,Martin CEO8和混合電聲定製Gibson ES3-35的音色,全部通過麥克風(SM81)直接輸出和Pastillas Humbucker拾音器採樣(Gibson Epiphone 1958) ,Fishman Neo D),並通過一對Neve 1073立體聲對A類原始麥克風前置放大器進行處理,以獲得最大的衝擊力和清晰度。如果您是製作人,作曲家或節奏製作人,想要在bachata吉他聲音中獲得非常搶手的聲音,您將愛上這個易於使用的VST插件。

Brenes Technologies has taken the art of sampling to new levels with Bachata Guitar VSTi, we invested lots of time and effort to emulate the most authentic Bachata Guitar Sounds in different Styles including , lead, rhythm, chords, muted and more.

The sound of Bachata Guitar VSTi was crafted and sculpted with the inspiration of artists such as Romeo Santos, Prince Royce, Aventura, Monchy y Alexandra, El Torito, Juan Luis Guerra, Anthony Santos.

This sample based virtual instrument contains 15 patches of several types of Electro- Acoustic Guitars, Yamaha APX, Martin CEO8 and a Hybrid Electro Acoustic custom Gibson ES3-35 ,all Sampled through Microphones (SM81) Direct ouputs and Pastillas Humbucker Pickups (Gibson Epiphone 1958, Fishman Neo D) and Processed through a Stereo Pair of Neve 1073 Class A Original Mic Pre-amps to get the most punch and clarity.

If you are a producer, composer or beat maker trying to get that very sought after bachata guitar sound you will fall in love with this easy to use VST Plugin.

Instrument list - Presets

Bachata Guitar VSTi
Bachata Lead Clasico
Bachatera Chorus R1
Bachatera Classica HBK
Bachaton de Los Tigres
Bass Fender Bachatero
GT Acordes Chord Strums
GT Moderna Layer Stack
GT Moderna Muted NYC Hybrid
GT Moderna NYC Hybrid
GT Muted HBK
GT Studio Lead
GT Studio Ritmo
Guitarra Suave y Tierna
PR Muted Electrica
PR Plucked Electrica
PR Soft Electrica
Rolls Royce

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