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Myriad Playout 5.18 一個自下而上構建的廣播播放和自動化系統
Myriad 5 Playout是一個自下而上構建的廣播播放和自動化系統,為下一代具有吸引力和創造性的廣播節目主持人和電臺提供廣播平臺。憑借超過20年的經驗,開發世界各地成千上萬的廣播電臺使用的關鍵任務軟件,我們自豪地介紹所有新的無數5播出,最終連接和靈活的解決方案,所有類型和大小的站。雖然Myriad 5 Playout可能與Myriad以前的版本相似,但我們決定從頭開始,用新的語言,使用最新的工具和技術,開發一個全新的系統。其結果是一個動態的、相互連接的系統,旨在應對現代廣播公司面臨的挑戰。







Myriad 5 Playout適用於所有類型和大小的電臺。它可以用作獨立的解決方案,也可以用作多工作室環境中企業級部署的一部分。與新的動態布局相結合的系統的靈活性質意味著無數的5播放可以使用在您的站臺比以往任何時候都更多。

Myriad 5 Playout is a radio playout and automation system built from the ground up to provide a broadcast platform for the next generation of engaging and creative radio presenters and stations. With more than two decades experience developing mission critical software used by thousands of radio stations around the world, we are proud to introduce the all new Myriad 5 Playout, the ultimate connected and flexible solution for stations of all types and sizes. Whilst Myriad 5 Playout may resemble previous versions of Myriad, we decided to start from scratch and develop a completely new system, in a new language and using the latest tools and technology. The result is a dynamic, connected system designed to tackle the challenges faced by modern broadcasters.

Completely re-written solution engineered from the ground up to meet the current and future needs of modern radio.
Fully scalable from single workstation to full enterprise level solution.
Flexible design and fully customisable interface via our Dynamic Layouts.
Robust audio playout and creation tools designed to streamline workflows.
Presenter focused operations developed by a team with a real world track record in making radio.
Totally new, but with a familiar feeling for existing users.

Myriad 5 Playout is suitable for radio stations of all types and sizes. It can be used as a stand alone solution or as part of an enterprise level deployment in a multi studio environment. The flexible nature of the system combined with the new Dynamic Layouts means that Myriad 5 Playout can be utilised in more areas of your station than ever before.

These include:
Live Assisted Playout
Fully Automated Playout
Show Planning & Voice Tracking
Audio Production............