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V-Ray Next ADV v4.30.00 for 3ds Max 2013-2020 x64 GPU渲染器插件
Chaos Group V-Ray Next場景智能分析提供更快的光線跟蹤,更清晰的採樣和更準確的渲染。這意味著您可以通過自動執行過去佔用寶貴時間的步驟來更聰明地工作,而不是更難。V-Ray渲染器支持3ds Max 2020。

V-Ray for 3dsMax 是 3dsMax 的高級全局照明渲染器,是專業渲染引擎公司 Chaos Software 公司設計完成的擁有“光線跟蹤”和“全局照明”渲染器,用來代替 Max 原有的“線性掃瞄渲染器”。 V-Ray Next 場景智能分析帶來更快的光線追蹤速度,噪點更少的採樣和更準確的渲染。這意味著您的工作更智能、更容易,自動處理將節省大量寶貴的時間。

V-Ray Next Scene Intelligence delivers faster ray tracing, cleaner sampling and more accurate rendering. That means you work smarter – not harder – by automating steps that used to take up valuable time.

NEW —Powerful Scene Intelligence
Automatically analyzes your scene to optimize rendering so you get the best quality in less time.

Fast new GPU rendering architecture with support for more of your favorite high-end production features.

Instantly remove noise while rendering. Based on AI-accelerated denoising technology by NVIDIA.

Powerful GPU + CPU rendering
V-Ray GPU renders on CPUs as well as NVIDIA GPUs, to take full advantage of all available hardware.

Highly-optimized adaptive ray tracing
Render professional-quality, photorealistic images and animation with adaptive ray tracing technology.

Fully interactive production rendering.

V-Ray Denoiser
Automatically remove noise and cut render times by up to 50%.

Resumable Rendering
Stop your render at any point and pick up where you left off.


Debug Shading
Easily isolate textures, materials and geometry to help debug large shading networks in V-Ray IPR and V-Ray GPU IPR.

V-Ray Toon Shader
Quickly add cartoon and cel-shading effects to your 3D projects.

V-Ray GPU Support for alSurface material
A general-purpose shader with layered SSS and glossy fresnel reflections on V-Ray GPU.

Memory Tracking
Optimize your scene with the new memory usage report for textures and objects.

Color corrections in Viewport IPR
Apply V-Ray Frame Buffer color corrections directly in the Viewport IPR.

V-Ray GPU Support for VRayDistanceTex
Faster setup of your scene's shaders and render effects based on geometry with V-Ray GPU.

Dust and Scratches Lens Effect
Simulate real-world camera lens effects with new procedurally generated Dust and Scratches.

System Requirements:
OS:Windows 8 or higher
CPU: 1st Gen Intel Core or compatible processor with SSE4.2 support (x64)
Memory:8 GB RAM
Larger cache memory, higher memory bandwidth and more cores are better.
Space:700 MB Hard Disk Space

3ds Max Design® 2013 and 2020 (64-bit)
Whats New:

Build 4.30.00 (V-Ray Next, update 3.0) 19 November 2019:
New features:
-V-Ray: Add a renderer parameter "options_useColorSpaceForBitmaps" that tells all VRayHDRI maps to determine the color space from the file name;
-V-Ray GPU: Add support for RT cores of NVIDIA RTX cards;
-V-Ray GPU: Add support for disabled "Memory frame buffer";
-V-Ray GPU: Support for Deep EXR output;
-V-Ray Cloud: Add the Chaos Cloud client app installer to the V-Ray for 3ds Max installer;
-VRayHDRI: Add a sharp isotropic texture filtering method;
-VRayHDRI: Allow UVW coordinates to be controlled through another map;
-VRayHDRI: Add a "Filter mult" parameter to control the blur separately when mapping coordinates are taken from another texture;
-VRayOSL: Add the ability for normal texture maps to be a part of a shading graph in OSL for 3ds Max;
-VRayVolumeGrid: Added support for Volumetric and Mesh mode rendering of the new TexUVW Phoenix FD channel;
-vrscene exporter: Export material IDs of materials used in VRayBlendMtl;

Modified features:
-VRayLight: Improved sampling of directional lights;
-V-Ray: Adaptive dome VRayLight support for Light Cache from file;
-V-Ray IPR: Add GI contribution to the Isolate Selected objects in Debug Shading;
-V-Ray: Add "Animation" and "Still" presets for the Light cache;
-V-Ray: Change the default values of the Progressive image sampler: Render time - 0; Noise threshold - 0.01;
-V-Ray: Multi-threaded execution of OpenEXR compression and decompression to improve performance;
-V-Ray: Update Embree to v3.2.0;
-V-Ray: Update OpenEXR to v2.3.0;
-V-Ray: Render Raytrace material as black to mitigate problems with it;
-V-Ray GPU: Implement pre-multiplied Light cache that enables optimization of shading calculations on some scenes;
-V-Ray GPU: Implement debug shading for selected sub-materials;
-V-Ray GPU: Improved user-defined shaders (GLSL, MDL etc.) compilation;
-V-Ray GPU: Optimize mesh transfers to multiple devices;
-V-Ray Cloud/V-Ray Standalone: Optimize rendering of Multi/Sub-Object material;
-VRayALSurfaceMtl: Implement bump shadowing;
-VRayALSurfaceMtl: SSS is not computed for materials seen through glossy refraction;
-VRayStochasticFlakesMtl: Stochastic flakes are not visible through glossy refraction;
-VRayCompTex: Add "Mix amount" option to control texmap mix ratios;
-VRayDiffuseFilter/VRayReflectionFilter/VRayRefractionFilter: Remove the "color mapping" option;
-VRayExtraTex: Add an option to disable lossy DWAA/DWAB compression for a render element;
-VRayMtl: Rearrange the texmap slots;
-VRayOSL: Add tooltips on texmap buttons, spinners and combo boxes for shader tweaks;
-VRayOSL: Show shader description and help URL button if either is present;
-VRayProxy: Improve errors logging;
-VRaySamplerInfo: The render element should always be saved with lossless compression;
-VRayVolumeGrid: Speed up loading of VDB caches by reading their min-max channel ranges from metadata instead of calculating them;
-VRayVolumeGrid: Equalize UVW coordinates of Phoenix Isosurfaces with those of the corresponding Meshes;
-VFB: Add "Save in image" option to OCIO color corrections, to save the corrected image;
-VFB: Add sliders for Lens effects' "Intensity" and "Threshold" parameters;
-VFB: Enable setting of the render region via MAXScript outside the default resolution before rendering;
-VFB: Read the saved window position only for the initial render and use the last valid position afterwards;
-VFB: UI improvements for the VFB Lens Effects panel;
-V-Ray scene converter: Convert Raytrace maps to VRayColor;

Bug fixes:
-V-Ray: Artifacts and flickering with "Hash map" Light cache in certain situations;
-V-Ray: Artifacts when using Adaptive dome light and VRayFur with VRayMtl on it;
-V-Ray: Artifacts with Adaptive dome and VRayToon;
-V-Ray/V-Ray GPU: Artifacts with Adaptive dome light with "affect reflections" disabled;
-V-Ray: Crash in scenes with meshes with Point Cache modifier that are used in Forest Pro in animated mode;
-V-Ray: Bright spots in VRayGlobalIllumination render element with Falloff map in Shadow/Light mode;
-V-Ray: Compositing results don't match with matte reflections if "Consistent lighting elements" is enabled;
-V-Ray: Lighting elements are not propagated through refractions with "Consistent lighting elements" enabled;
-V-Ray: Matte objects are present in the alpha channel when rendered through refractive objects;
-V-Ray: Memory tracking "GI" tag replaces "Misc." when rendering with Global illumination;
-V-Ray: Physical Material with black reflections has dark outlines;
-V-Ray: The UI menus are active during rendering in 3ds Max 2020;
-V-Ray: Unhandled exception when having a PF Source with Mapping Object operator;
-V-Ray: Using camera clipping planes makes the dome light invisible;
-V-Ray: VRayEdgesTex always draws hidden edges when used as displacement texture;
-V-Ray: Wrong 3ds Max Render output JPEG image with Test resolution;
-VRayProxy: Wrong defocusAmount denoise element on proxy objects leading to artifacts when denoising;
-VFB: Wrong resolution when rendering a sequence with Test resolution and DR;
-V-Ray IPR: Crash when adding materials with VRayHDRI to a material library;
-V-Ray IPR: Crash while scrubbing the timeline with VRayLightMtl in the scene;
-V-Ray IPR: Crash with VRayOSL shading graph and VRayLightMtl with Direct illumination on;
-V-Ray IPR: Crash with VRaySky texmap and Hair and Fur;
-V-Ray IPR: Debug Shading's Isolate Selected mode doesn't work correctly for objects with opacity;
-V-Ray IPR: Loops on building Light cache in a scene with VRayDistanceTex and Forest Pro;
-V-Ray IPR: Starting production rendering during Viewport IPR causes endless Light cache phase;
-V-Ray IPR: Unhandled exception with a Free Light and VRayLightMtl with Direct Illumination;
-V-Ray GPU: Artifacts when using Metalness with Glossy Fresnel;
-V-Ray GPU: Artifacts with Adaptive dome when objects are excluded from shadow casting in the light;
-V-Ray GPU: Artifacts with VRayALSurfaceMtl and Adaptive lights v2;
-V-Ray GPU: Bounding Box artifacts when rendering a VRayVolumeGrid;
-V-Ray GPU: Crash with hidden faces on subdivided geometry;
-V-Ray GPU: Crash during render with volumetrics;
-V-Ray GPU: Crash on stop during Light cache phase;
-V-Ray GPU: Crash when cancelling the render for scene with lights include/exclude lists;
-V-Ray GPU: Crash when using VRayClipper on an object with material containing VRayCurvature map;
-V-Ray GPU: defocusAmount denoise element is not generated with a standard cameras;
-V-Ray GPU: Gaussian image filter doesn't match the CPU one;
-V-Ray GPU: Hidden edges of VRayEdgesTex is always on with VRayProxy;
-V-Ray GPU: Hidden faces are being rendered during Light cache preview, creating wrong lighting;
-V-Ray GPU: IPR with multiple GPUs produces CUDA_ERROR_INVALID_HANDLE on stop;
-V-Ray GPU: Light cache doesn't work with DOF and perspective camera;
-V-Ray GPU: Nested refractive volumes are rendered wrong;
-V-Ray GPU: Noisier results with Adaptive lights compared to Light tree;
-V-Ray GPU: NVLink GPU allocations only done for Dynamic geometry;
-V-Ray GPU: Optimized distance estimation for geometry heavy scenes;
-V-Ray GPU: Random crash with tiled bitmaps;
-V-Ray GPU: Refractions are rendered darker since V-Ray Next, Update 2;
-V-Ray GPU: Unhandled exception when baking texture of a mesh with degenerate UVs;
-V-Ray GPU: VRayVolumeGrids are not rendered correctly in VRayNormals render element;
-V-Ray Cloud/V-Ray Standalone: Extremely slow light cache for scenes with displacement texmaps;
-V-Ray Cloud/V-Ray Standalone: Matte reflections are not rendered;
-VRayALSurfaceMtl: Artifacts around geometries intersections and SSS density scale close to 0;
-VRayClipper: Holes in the clipped geometry when rendering with motion blur and the clipping mesh has animated skin modifier;
-VRayDisplacementMod: Cracks with 3D Displacement and Keep continuity;
-VRayDisplacementMod: Memory leak with 2D displacement;
-VRayDisplacementMod: Tangent Vector displacement mode clamps the texture's X and Y between 0 and 1 regardless of the Texmap min/max values;
-VRayGLSL: Function vr_textureSize returns (0,0) always;
-VRayHairFarmMod: Duplicated IDs in VRayCryptomatte element with more than one Hair Generate modifier;
-VRayHairNextMtl: Artifacts in raw render elements with Consistent lighting elements;
-VRayHairNextMtl: Diffuse component should go in it's respective render elements;
-VRayHairNextMtl: Shade data is stored in VRayGlobalIllumination when Consistent lighting elements is on;
-VRayLight: Different specular reflections when rendering directional disc light with V-Ray Cloud/V-Ray Standalone;
-VRayOCIO: Error in V-Ray messages when creating new instance;
-VRayOCIO: No scroll bar in the map color space selector;
-VRayOrnatrixMod: Some VRayOrnatrixMod hairs have wrong velocity data with "dynamic tessellation";
-VRayOSL: Broken OSO bytecode export of a shader via MAXScript;
-VRayOSL: Bucket artifacts with user attributes;
-VRayOSL: Crash in microfacet("ggx") when roughness is greater than 0.0;
-VRayOSL: Crash when detach and reattach a sub-texmaps;
-VRayOSL: Custom shaders cannot access user attributes with V-Ray Cloud/V-Ray Standalone;
-VRayOSL: OSL string mapper widgets should be displayed as dropdown choices;
-VRayOSL: Tooltips for combo boxes and extra texture buttons can become too wide;
-VRayOSL: Tweak's min/max metadata inhibits changing parameter values;
-VRayOSL: Wrong channel index read from the UV attribute;
-VRayOverrideMtl: Vignetting along concave edges with Light cache and many lights;
-VRayPluginNode: Crash when rendering with TexSurfaceLuminance;
-VRayProxy: Face/Material IDs are offset with one when loading Alembic files;
-VRayScannedMtl: Crash when loading a scene while the compact material editor open;
-VRayScannedMtl: Difference in the VRayBumpNormals render element when rendering with VRayBumpMtl;
-VRaySwitchMtl: Crash with undefined sub-material when displacement map is used in another sub-material;
-VRayToonMtl: Toon effect missing on non-excluded geometry when the excluded object is hidden;
-VRayVolumeGrid: Displacement scale in Isosurface mode is not the same as in Mesh mode;
-VRayVolumeGrid: Empty grids filled with density using the opacity curve render with different density in V-Ray Cloud/V-Ray Standalone;
-VRayVolumeGrid: Mesh mode with a 2D scalar Displacement map renders with artifacts;
-VRayZDepth: Refractive objects are white regardless of the Affect channels value with V-Ray GPU;
-VFB: Certain integer render elements are not displayed when loading EXR files;
-VFB: Crash when changing OCIO settings (View transform, Input colorspace) during Viewport IPR;
-VFB: History details comment is drawn over the previous one if changed via MAXScript;
-VFB: The scrollbar in the Color Corrections window hides some of the text;
-VFB: UI is not responsive with ICC color correction during IPR with V-Ray GPU;
-V-Ray Toolbar: MAXScript error in when trying to create a physical camera from a camera view without target;
-.vrscene exporter: Animated FOV on standard cameras is not exported correctly;
-.vrscene exporter: Crash when exporting Forest Pro multiple instances with the same Surface with Boundary checking set to Edge;
-.vrscene exporter: Disabled VRayVolumeGrids in Volumetric mode are still exported;
-.vrscene exporter: Forest Pro object with VRayDisplacementMod is not exported to .vrscene file;
-.vrscene exporter: Negative displacement through textures is not exported properly;
-.vrscene exporter: OSL texmaps are flipped with V-Ray Cloud/V-Ray Standalone;
-.vrscene exporter: Random velocity data is exported for Forest Pro instances when camera is specified;
-.vrscene exporter: Some VRayMDL asset paths are not exported;
-.vrscene exporter: Support for animated visibility range of VRayAerialPerspective;
-.vrscene exporter: The VRayVolumeGrid's "lightsmultself", "gridreduct" and "mbgrid" parameters are not exported to *.vrscene;
-.vrscene exporter: VFB Color Corrections are exported even when disabled;
-.vrscene exporter: Wrong UVWs in scenes with OSL;
-Installer: VRAY4_FOR_3DSMAXXXXX_PLUGINS environment variable should be modified instead of overridden;