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SamLogic Visual Installer Professional 2020 11.8.4 一款易於使用的安裝軟件/安裝工具
SamLogic Visual Installer 2020是一款易於使用的安裝軟件/安裝工具,可用於創建安裝包/安裝向導,以便通過CD、DVD、USB閃存驅動器或Internet分發。不需要編程知識;您可以可視化地創建安裝程序。


Visual Installer可以創建一個自解壓的EXE文件,以便通過Internet進行部署。當用戶單擊安裝文件時,安裝將自動啟動。所有程序、文檔和其他文件都包含在EXE文件中。這是完美的演示和更新,是通過互聯網分發,但也方便,如果你賣的軟件在線。




在Visual Installer中包含許多準備好使用的安裝對話框,可用於為安裝文件創建安裝向導。您可以輕松地選擇要在安裝向導的用戶界面中顯示的對話框。有處理安裝文件夾、許可證密鑰、密碼、許可證文本等的對話框。其中包括許多準備使用的對話框圖片。

SamLogic Visual Installer 2020 is an easy-to-use installation software / setup tool that can be used to create a setup package / setup wizard for distribution via a CD, DVD, USB flash drive or the Internet. No programming knowledge is required; you can create your installers visually.

Self-extracting installation for deployment via the Internet
Visual Installer can create a single self-extracting EXE file for deployment via the Internet. When the user clicks on the setup file the installation starts automatically. All your programs, documents, and other files, are included in the EXE file. This is perfect for demos and updates that are distributed via the Internet, but also handy if you sell software online.

CD, DVD and USB flash drive
Whether you need to distribute your programs or documents via a CD, DVD or USB flash drive, Visual Installer is the right tool for you. You can choose if the files should be distributed with compression or not. You can also combine the setup tool Visual Installer with our menu designer tool CD-Menu Creator to create an AutoRun menu interface for the CD, DVD and USB flash drive.

Create a setup wizard in minutes
There are many ready-to-use setup dialog boxes included in Visual Installer that can be used to create a setup wizard for your setup files. You can easily select those dialog boxes you want to show in the setup wizard's user interface. There are dialog boxes that handle installation folders, license keys, passwords, license texts etc. Many ready-to-use dialog box pictures are included.

Ready-to-use setup dialog boxes are included in the installation software / setup toolStriking setup screen / window can be designed
With Visual Installer, you can design a stylish and impressive setup screen (setup window) that is shown in the background during the installation. On a setup screen you can place images, text, progress gauge, etc. Also sound / music is supported. A setup wizard with no setup screen can also be made.

Support for multiple languages
Any language can be used for the text in the setup program's user interface, so you can build installers that can be used worldwide. The texts are stored in separate language files and can be easily changed between projects.

Intelligent management of software updates
Visual Installer can detect if a previous version of a program is installed and automatically update the older files without asking the user for a destination / installation folder. This will make it easier for your user's to install updates of your software.

Creates a code signed setup package
Important setup files in Visual Installer are always code signed and you can also code sign the setup package that you deploy in an easy way.

Visual Installer can build a redistributable installation program that is compatible with all Windows versions from Windows 98 to the latest Windows 10. Both 32 and 64 bit version of Windows are fully supported.