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安德烈·瑞歐:在星空下 - 住在馬斯特里赫特至五 Name André Rieu Under the Stars - Live in Maastricht V 2011

Name: André Rieu: Under the Stars - Live in Maastricht V
Released: 2011
Genre: Classical
Artist: André Rieu, Mirusia Louwerse, Kimmy Skota, Kalki Schrijvers, Johann Strauss Orchestra, Harlem Gospel Choir
Issued: Canada | Universal Music
Duration: 1:51:29

Fall in love again with André Rieu and his Johann Strauss Orchestra as they bring you a show of favourites under the star-studded summer skies. André returns to his hometown of Maastricht bringing with him two wonderful guest choirs - the Harlem Gospel Choir and the Soweto Gospel Choir - and a host of special guests. Watch Mirusia fly through the air singing Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (from Mary Poppins), feel the thrill and passion of the Harlem Gospel Choir and the Soweto Gospel Choir. From Spirituals to Musicals, and Folk Songs to Waltzes, this is a glorious and thrilling celebration of music.


01. Seventy-Six Trombones
02. Blaze Away
03. La Danza
04. Nessun Dorma
05. Amen
06. I Will Follow Him
07. O Happy Day
08. Pie Jesu
09. Laras Theme
10. Poliushko Poli
11. Kalinka
12. Vilja Song
13. And The Waltz Goes On
14. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
15. Dont Cry for me Argentina
16. Bolero
17. Radetzky March
18. Strauss & Co
19. Zorbas Dance
20. Zjuulke Zeuthout
21. Maastricht Anthem
22. Maastricht City of Jolly People
23. O When the Saints
24. Adieu, Little Captain of My Heart