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TurnTable 3.1 MacOSX-音樂播放器
TurnTable Mac版是蘋果電腦上類似iTunes的本地音樂播放器,它的播放界面還原了經典的膠片唱機風格,可以讓用戶查看全尺寸、全彩的專輯封面設計,還包含了藝術家的完整圖標,您可以自定義選擇一個藝術家,從而查看它的完整唱片。

Browse & Play your Music Collection in a new kind of Music Interface. Play your life in the most compelling way.

Like The New iTunes. The first Music experience true to the art. Visually, a full Artists chart, flip-through Records, & an Albums collection view.

The Real Albums Experience, finally on the personal computer, for the first time ever.
See full-size, full-color album art, designed just like a real album, but for the digital medium. The art is reflected wide-screen, like an album booklet. There’s never been anything like it in software. The closest you can find are actual records or CDs.

The Fully Immersive Music Choosing Experience.

View Music By:
• Artists
A full chart of your Artists.
Choose an Artist, see its full Discography – chronologically by the Year.

• Albums
Matte of your Albums collection, simple and beautiful.

• Records
Flip through your Records. Tap a Record, play a Record.

• Tracks
See your music as Tracks, like a simple iTunes. Shuffle them and play one-off tracks to enjoy, for exactly how you feel in that moment.

Compatibility: OS X 10.10 or later, 64-bit processor
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