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Subatomic Software Audulus 3 v3.3 x64

Subatomic Software Audulus是一款非常實用的音樂處理應用軟件。你還在為沒有好的音樂處理軟件而苦惱嗎?小編推薦你使用這款軟件!這款軟件的連接可以對任何旋鈕進行連接,以便您可以調製任何參數,而且節點經過優化,也可處理極端調製,且它可以在同一個補丁中結合單聲道和複音處理,其精確控制何時混合聲音,非常簡單快捷

Audulus is a modular music processing app with unequaled ease of use.

Building instruments and processors from scratch isn’t always easy but can be very rewarding. Audulus 3 might just be the tool that persuades you to take the plunge.

Nodes for Every Need
Audulus processing nodes are diverse, powerful and easy to use, with customizable UI and no hidden controls.

Control Your Studio
Control Audulus with your MIDI controller keyboard or control surface.

Modulate Anything
Connections can be made to any knob so you can modulate any parameter. Nodes are optimized to handle extreme modulation.

Process multiple voices.
Combine monophonic and polyphonic processing in the same patch. Have precise control of when voices are mixed.

Round-trip Workflow
Begin a patch on your iPhone or iPad while on the go. iCloud automatically syncs it between all your Mac/iOS devices.

Live Patching
Make connections while processing audio. Audulus will fade connection changes so you won’t hear any pops or have sudden modulations.

Whats New :
Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version