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Secure Eraser Professional Edition 5.100 - 文件清理工具
Secure Eraser pro是一款專業的文件清理工具。電腦裡老是有一些頑固的文件刪除不了,小夥伴們是不是很頭疼,Secure Eraser pro擦除軟件不僅能夠清楚電腦的程序文件,還能夠完美清理卸載殘留的垃圾.

Secure Eraser Professional Edition 5.000 Retail Multilingual 
Because it’s been erased from your hard drive, doesn’t mean it’s gone forever. As long as the information was not overwritten, anyone can restore it at any time. It gets even more complicated, if a computer has been resold or given away. Secure Eraser uses the most renowned method of data disposal and overwrites sensitive information in such a sure way that it can never be retrieved – even with specialized software. Our multiple award-winning solutions for definitively destroying data also eliminate any cross-references that could leave traces of deleted files in the allocation table of your hard drive.

This easy-to-use Windows software will overwrite sensitive data even up to 35 times – regardless of whether they are files, folders, drives, recycle bin or traces of surfing. You can also delete files that have already been deleted, but this time for good.

OS : Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10
Language : Multilingual

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