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Document2PDF Pilot 2.24 - 文檔轉換為PDF
可以將平時常見的文檔格式文件轉換為PDF格式的軟件,Document2PDF Pilot特別版支持批量轉換,並可以進行多項自定義設置,例如文件信息、PDF版本以及字符集等。Document2PDF Pilot讓大家可以使用其更多功能,轉換的速度也非常快.

Document2PDF Pilot converts JPEG, GIF, TIFF, BMP, PNG, EMF, PPT, POT, PPS, XLT, XLS, XLW, DOC, DOT, WPS, WRI, RTF, HTML documents into PDF.

Can convert multiple files at a time
The application offers support for Microsoft Word and Excel documents, but also for HTML, RTF, TXT, MCW, XLW, WRI, WPS, WPT and WPD files.

Batch conversion is possible too and Document2PDF Pilot offers two different ways to take advantage of this particular feature. You can either manually select all files you wish to convert, or simply provide the path to the folder that holds all the files.

There are plenty of configuration settings when it comes to the output PDF document, including file information, compression, PDF version and charset.

Manage output parameters and information
Furthermore, you're allowed to set up protection and allow either copying, editing and printing, with separate fields to input user and owner passwords.

Page information can be provided too, while separate viewer options enable you to hide menu bar, tool bar or window UI, define page layout and embed fonts.

The conversion engine is fast and reliable and we didn't experience any major slowdowns during our process. Document2PDF Pilot serves its purpose no matter the Windows version running on your system and needs just a moderate amount of hardware resources.

To end with
Overall, Document2PDF Pilot is an effective document conversion software that comprises not only a very user-friendly GUI, but also advanced features and lots of configuration options. No help section is available though, so users who may need more information on a specific tool have no other option than to search online.

Whats New:
* Changed the way of using /all2one option. As the value of this option it is necessary to use the name of created PDF file.
* Option /excludeorphanpages is enabled by default.